Stop by to chat with other Web3 builders over some cool beverages and snacks, meet our various partners, or check out fun activities we’ll have going on. The lounge will also have hot desks, massage chairs, and lots of friendly faces!
If you have any questions, look for someone with an AMA vest– we’ll be around to chat and answer any queries.
One of our Builder’s House partners, Sui Protocol, will also be hanging around this area, so be sure to come say hi!

Sui Protocol Meet-Up

 Join us in welcoming the fresh new face generating a buzz throughout the Web3 ecosystem, Sui Protocol!
Introduced by Mysten Labs, Sui is a horizontally scalable and permissionless L1 blockchain powered by Move, a programming language initially developed by Facebook’s Libra team. The Sui team will be visiting our Builder’s House to meet Korean developers and hold its very first workshops!
While they’ll also hold a technical workshop at the Web 3.0 Beach, the Sui team wanted a more casual space to meet fellow builders and introduce the protocol. Whether you’re completely new to the Move language, or have been avidly tracking Sui updates, come on over and grab a seat! Space is limited, so we recommend that you sign up quickly!



 TIE-DYE Workshop (8/2)
Make your own Web3 Builder Shirt! Limited shirts & supplies available, so be sure to show up early.
Provided by : SKEKA
When: 8/2 (Tue), 2-5 PM
Round 1 (14:00-15:00) 5 people
Round 2 (15:00-16:00) 5 people
Where: B1 Lounge
How to apply
Let us know your interest at the check-in desk.
The first 10 people will get a Web3 Builder T-Shirt for dyeing!
 NFT Tattoo Station (8/1-8/2)
An NFT temporary tattoo for your hot girl (or boy) summer look? Sounds good to us. Pick your perfect spot, and let the magic happen!
Provided by: JUN BAE
When: 8/1 (Mon) - 8/2 (Tue), 2-5 PM
Where: B1 Lounge
How to apply
If you want a custom design, please send the NFT or image you want to by 7pm on 7/31 (Sun).
Those who don’t send an image in advance can get the Web3 Builder design.
Reminder: this is a temporary tattoo!